COVID-19: What it means for engineering and construction

Practical steps for responding to the coronavirus crisis. The COVID-19 pandemic and its attendant effect on markets and commercial activity will likely present a range of challenges to the engineering and construction (E&C) industry — challenges that could deepen depending on the severity and length of the crisis in the US and globally.


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Construction Planning, Equipment, and Methods, Ninth Edition

Construction Planning, Equipment and Methods, Ninth Edition, follows in the footsteps of previous editions by laying out the fundamentals of machine utilization and production estimating in a logical, simple, and concise format. The book discusses the latest technologies and capabilities and offers real-world applications.

Used Equipment Finder

Used Equipment Finder. If you don’t want or need to buy new, our used equipment finder is the best resource for your search in the used marketplace. We’re always ready to get you up to speed with training, service and inspections for all your used purchases across a wide range of brands, platforms and model years. Let’s get started!

Washer | Product Categories | Pusat Mesin Laundry: Laundry RS

1. Horizontal Structure, Economical and useful. 2. Adopting 304 stainless steel material drum, secure and reliable; Smooth surface will protect the clothes from damage, prolong the service period of the clothes.

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This is a case where the lines of a long and sparsely settled line of tramway came to a stage when heavy repair of them was necessary. The route has been unprofitable for trams, and by using trackless trolly vehicles the overhead equipment is available without the necessity of expensive repairs to the rails.

Omladinska Zadruga Bulevar

Omladinska zadruga Bulevar saradjuje sa preko 600 poslodavaca i dnevno rasporedjuje poslove svojim zadrugarima. (Brzo zaposlenje, ponuda poslova, zarada)-studentska zadruga, studentski servis

China's Highway of Information and Communication Technology

The extensive national sales support structure has established its credibility with domestic and international brand design teams throughout the electronics supply chain. However, lack of peripheral industries (e.g., equipment manufacturing, assembly, and testing) is a major concern for future sustainable growth.


Apollo offers a broad range of machines for the road construction industry. As leading manufacturer in India for paving equipment, Apollo offers a variety of pavers for asphalt and wetmix. In addition, complimentary products such as Curb laying machines, bitumen sprayers and brooms are available from Apollo as well.

Power Construction Corporation of China Ltd

The Power Construction Corporation of China (POWERCHINA) was founded in September 2011. POWERCHINA provides comprehensive and full-range of services from planning, investigation, designing ...

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On October 23, 2017 Nelson Jacobsen and Martone Construction entered into an agreement for the sale by Mr. Jacobsen to Martone Construction of 30,000,000 shares of the Company’s stock for ,000. On October 25, 2017 the Company issued 25,000,000 shares of restricted common stock to Nelson Jacobsen (founder and shareholder) for ,000.


SUNWARD INTELLIGENT EQUIPMENT CO., LTD. is a China-based company, principally engaged in the construction machinery manufacturing business. The Company is also engaged in capital construction business and airline operations. The main products of the Company consist of piling machinery, mining machinery, drilling machinery and other equipments.